Blue Zones Holiday Gift Box


You don't have to think outside the box for a fabulous gift—this Blue Zones gift box is full of items that show you care. 
Discover an assortment of hand-picked products from the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica, one of the five "Blue Zones" regions of the world. This gift box is full of high-quality, locally-sourced food gifts that help to keep Nicoyan residents healthy and hearty for their whole lives. 
The Blue Zones Gift Box, Costa Rica Variety includes: 
The Blue Zones Solution
The New York Times bestseller full of delicious recipes from all of the original Blue Zones regions. Special signed edition.
Nicoyan Honey
Two Types of Aromatic Herbal Tea 
Chan and Lemongrass and Mozote and Mint
Chan is a seed from the mint family that gels when soaked in liquid; similar to chia seeds.
Caracolillo Coffee
Peaberry coffee beans from the Nicoyan region yield a deeply flavored brew.
Pinillo with 100% natural purple corn and cocoa
The purple corn provides nutritional benefits including powerful natural antioxidant, reduction of coresterol, triglycerides and improvement circulation.
Nalga de Perro Mild Sauce
A Nicoyan mild sauce with great taste. Friendly for any beginner.

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