Blue Zones® Water


About 60% of your body's total weight is water. According to the Mayo Clinic, it takes an average of 8 cups of water (along with a healthy diet) to replace what your body uses normally every day. In the Blue Zone Adventist community of Loma Linda, California, doctors discovered that men who drank five or six glasses of water a day had a substantial reduction in the risk of a fatal heart attack–60, 70% less– compared to those who drank considerably less water.
Imagine if you could really make a sizable dent in heart attack rates just by increasing the number of glasses of water you drink! With this bottled water, help track how much water you've drunk each day; each bottle is 16.9 ounces of nature's perfect drink, so drinking 4 each day fulfills your body's water needs.
This water is naturally filtered, spring-fed water from Wisconsin.
Bottles are sold in groups of 8 (weighing 9.37 lb.).

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