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  • Blue Zones Nicoya Natural Herbal Tea
  • BURBARK AND SPEARMINT: Burbark has a light herbal flavor and an aroma reminiscent of forests with elegant wood hints. Combined with the delicate, sweet and refreshing taste of spearmint – This herbal tea is effortlessly refreshing and soothing
  • HERBAL BENEFITS: Spearmint has traditionally been used to help the body reduce symptoms caused by the common cold, and burbark is rich in antioxidants to boost the wellness of the stomach
  • REFRESHING HERBAL TEA: This soothing, refreshing herbal tea can be enjoyed either hot or iced. Naturally caffeine-free, this tea is the perfect brew any time of day
  • NATURAL LIFESTYLE: Our teas are USDA Organic, and simply made with 100% natural ingredients grown directly in Nicoya Blue Zone. Always caffeine free, gluten free, and sugar free with no artificial flavors or colors 
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Contains 20 tea bags / 1.42 oz (50g)

Key Ingredients

Burbark is a plant that, when boiled, releases mucilages and has been used to reduce jaundice due to the increase in bilirubin in the blood as a result of certain liver disorders. It has also been used for the treatment of stomach inflammation.

Spearmint is a plant with natural antioxidants that is recommended against colic respiratory infections, gas, stomachache due to heaviness and nausea.


Steep in hot water for 3 minutes (or more) until desired tea concentration. Enjoy hot or cold.